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Snow mobiling
Golf (Suprb nearby golf courses, to be joined soon by a course specially designed byJack Nicklaus)
Horse trekking. ( There is a special horse trekking company in the next village who will take you off for anywhere between a day or a week trekking up into the mountains, for extremely low prices)
Mountain biking
Eco Tourism
Just 25 minutes drive from the massive Lake Iskar with boating, swimming etc
Rich architectural and cultural heritage, with the famous Rila Monastery just 90 minutes away
Some wonderful caving to be done
Bird watching
Opera in Sofia
A whole host of restaurants, bars and nightclubs
Hot mineral water baths and massage nearby
White water rafting

Small exclusive family development
Individual allocated parking for each residence
Stunning location next to River Iskar
Just 25 minutes drive from the largest lake in Bulgaria; Lake Iskar, which is --approximately 16 km long and 3 km wide.
Detached with 3 beds and 2 baths
Fully fitted bathroom and kitchen (optional white goods/ furniture package available)
Centrally heated, double glazed and fully insulated
Landscaped garden, fully serviced with barbecue area
Jacuzzi option available
Panoramic terraces and balconies with stunning views of surrounding mountains and forests
Superb fishing in the Iskar River
Latest construction techniques, best practice construction with renowned Bulgarian building company. High quality building materials used throughout
Every aspect of build process insured
24 hour immediate response security option available
Platinum care service option available including rentals, property maintenance, payment of local taxes, cleaning etc
Furniture package available
Massive 'Super Borovets' expansion project scheduled to commence in 2007 with a 300 million Euro investment


        Imagine yourself back in time 50 years, to a world where people take the time to stop and say hello, where children play more safely, where the pace of life is slow enough, that one remembers what life is all about.
        Combine this with all mod cons, a thoroughly educated society, the availability of all the material things that we take for granted, and restaurants, bars, shops, etc. that we enjoy in life and on holiday.
       Then throw in soaring mountains, blue skies, endless powder snow in winter, long hot summers, 230 miles of coastline, lush forest, wild mountain ranges, and rich historical heritage. All unspoiled.
        Add to the mix a low low cost of living, and minimal property prices with superb investment returns.

        Yes, there is still plenty of evidence of the tough communist past. When you first arrive at the airport, the old high rise blocks are quite a sight. Still, horse and carts compete in the streets with Ladas, Skodas, Mercedes and big 4 wheel drives.
        This is a country in transition, alive, dynamic and happening.

  • Bulgaria is approximately the same size as England but with just 7.5 million people;

  • More than 40,000 nationally or internationally important cultural and historical sites;

  • Climate consists of snow filled winters here in the mountains, although just down in the capital, Sofia it is far more Medierranean, very similar to Spain. Then there are the long hot summers;

  • Wonderful cuisine filled with fresh organic fruit, vegetables, meat and dairy products. Along with the increasingly popular native wines. Unlimited choice both in restaurants and supermarkets. With a typical price of ?7 for a 3 course meal for 2 with drinks;

  • Just 3 hours from the UK by plane;

  • Significantly lower cost of livingborders Greece, Turkey than other European countries;

  • Skilled, English-speaking labour force, with the 2nd highest average IQborders Greece, Turkey in the world;

  • 39 universities;

  • Low cost airlinesborders Greece, Turkey are looking to enter the market after EU membership, although airfares are already falling fast;

  • 13 National Parksborders Greece, Turkey;

  • 5th in Europe in terms of plant diversityborders Greece, Turkey 3,567 species;

  • More animal lifeborders Greece, Turkey in Bulgaria than in any other European country including imperial and small eagles, rock partridge, small hawk, bears, wolves, wild boar, stags, deer, and many others;

  • 5th largest wine producerborders Greece, Turkey in the world;

  • World class fishingborders Greece, Turkey;

  • Visitors to Bulgaria from the UK have doubled every year since 2002borders Greece, Turkey and no less than 1.2 million British tourists are expected to holiday in Bulgaria in 2008;

  • Bulgaria borders Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania, and Serbia for immediate adventures, and is a great base for exploring all of Europe;


            Prices are rising everywhere, and with accession to the EU scheduled for 2007 they will only continue to do so.

            We did the footwork and trailed the country for the very best area of investment.

            This year alone there has been more than a 30% increase in house prices in the Borovets area, and the prices show no sign of slowing down. The boom is only just beginning here. There has been a 20% increase in foreign tourists to the area over the past year, and the resort is featured in all of the leading ski holiday brochures including Inghams, Crystal, Thomson Ski and Balkan Holidays.

            Bigger still is that this resort, just 45 minutes from Sofia has been earmarked for a 300 million Euro investment in 2007 to make it the new 'Super Borovets'. With year round tourism a main target of the plan, along with Eco tourism and a massive extension of the existing infrastructure, it will take this largest and longest established ski resort into the running for the 2014 winter Olympics.
            It is a rare rare thing in life to have it all; a wonderful way of life, time, peace, space, beauty, and a government plan of sensitive development to keep it this way.         For this to be an investment opportunity also is just the icing on the cake, the powder on the ski slopes, the sun sparkling on summer mountains. Real living.

  • Year round resort;

  • Skiing in Borovets from December until April;

  • National park land surrounds with wonderful summer opportunities;

  • Just 45 minutes from Sofia - the quickest airport transfer to a ski resort in Bulgaria and close enough to enjoy all of the cultural attractions of the city;

  • Less than 1 mile from Beli Iskur, where the base lifts of the new 'Super Borovets' project will lie. Just 6 miles from the existing resort of Borovets;

  • There are 2 other local resorts; Govedartsi is just minutes away, and Malovitsa is popular with local Bulgarians with its super low priced lift passes and superb high altitude conditions;

  • Bulgaria has economic and political stability with a functioning trade economy enabling minimum investment risk;

  • Nato membership;

  • Forthcoming EU membership scheduled for 2007;

  • High capital growth potential;

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